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Adopt Willow!

Willow is our latest rescue. She was found running up and down our internal fence just after Christmas in 2021. We think she was a poacher’s dog that ran away due to the fireworks around New Year’s Eve. She spent several days surviving on her own in the bush, fending off baboons, and trying to find scraps of meat to eat. Luckily, the team saw her and managed to convince her to come to another dog.

Willow at that time only trusted other dogs, a love and excitement of fellow canines that she has not lost. She was covered in over 400 ticks and was so skinny you could see all her ribs. She has since gown in confidence and loves people, always getting very excited when the volunteers return to camp or when we have new company on the reserve.

Willow likes to explore and has run off a few times, giving the team great fears for her safety. She always returns unharmed, but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep a very close eye on this cheeky lady.

Willow is a Pointer/Black Lab mix, and it is these two backgrounds that make her brilliant at tracking blood. She has picked up the skill very quickly and will, over time, be used to locate wounded animals in the event of a poaching incident.

Willow is the life and soul of Nkombi and has grown to love her cat and human family, yet does panic when she feels she is being left behind. If you would like to support Willow’s training to ensure that she stays a happy, healthy dog, please consider adopting this K9 hero for $40/month to cover her food, medical and training expenses. Let’s not leave her behind!

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