Adopt A K9 Hero!

The ERC family would not be able to do what we do without our trusted K9 team. They have saved our beloved rhinos from poaching attacks more times than we care to count, and they, along with their amazing handlers, will continue to be on the frontline of our anti-poaching efforts until the day when the demand for their service will be blessedly no longer needed.

Meet Our K9 Heroes

We love and desperately need our anti-poaching K9s. They are an absolute necessity in the African Bush! Unfortunately, the cost to care for the canines in our anti-poaching units is not insignificant. Veterinary care alone associated with each anti-poaching K9 is approximately $500 a year, while dog food and flea/tick medication have an annual cost of $2,800 per dog.

Don’t get us wrong… THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY! But we really could use your help! Won’t you please consider adopting a K9 hero to help pay for their food and medical expenses and continued training? We promise that every penny donated will go directly to a much-loved K9 member of the ERC family.

Adopt A K9 Hero - Indy


A Confident & Determined K9

Adopt A K9 Hero - Monty


Blood Hound Good Boy

Adopt A K9 Hero - Willow


Confident Explorer Who Loves People

Adopt A K9 Hero - Sadie


A Character with a Gentle Nature

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